San Francisco State University

School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (PACE)

Sustainable Development in Cities

Urban Studies and Planning Program (USP 514)

Class Major Components:

(i) Lectures

Series of lectures including videos, debates, seminars and round table discussion

(ii) Homework

Weekly homework is a short assignment ranging from a page to two and woll be posted on the blog weekly

(iii) Class Blog

Every lecture a title/summary/photo/video will be posted as main post and each student will have to post their homework as a comment on the blog. Students with similar (or contrasting) ideas are encouraged to comment on each-other contributions to enrich the discussion.

(iv) Mid-term project

This is a small project that the student will work on in the middle of the semester (it is like a big homework) but it remains within the range of a two-week work.

(v) Term project

The final project is a project that students can start working on straightaway and collect the data as we go through the semester. Students are encouraged to use the material discussed during class and more.

For information about details syllabus and class outline please do not hesitate to contact the course instructor.

For more information, contact:

Course Instructor:  Amir Gohar,   amir.gohar@berkeley.edu


University of California, Berkeley

Dep. of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

Started as a colloquium graduate class in UC Berkeley, however, the diverse engagement of thought subsequently led this initiative to develop into an intellectual forum of high calibre from across the globe.  The idea is to bring together scholars and professionals on one platform to discuss the sustainability challenges ranging from physical spaces to human development in the the Global South.

The Sustainability of the Global South (SGS) platform can be useful in the following ways:

  • Discussion Forum:  Sharing comments and feedback on posted blogs
  • Research Paper/Abstract : Sharing your research paper/abstract to get feedback or advice on any aspect of the topic.
  • Posting Blogs: You are welcome to submit your blogs on sustainability issues in the Global South based on your personal experiences or projects
  • Book and Article Reviews: You can also share an interesting article or review a book you recently read related to the theme of this forum


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